Trial Software HTML Assistant Pro 2000

Thank you for your interest in HTML Assistant Pro 2000.

The demo version is a full functioning version of HTML Assistant Pro 2000, available for 30 days. Your 30 day FREE trial will not begin until you install and run the software for the first time. When you purchase the program, you can easily remove the 30 day limit by simply entering a password.

HTML Assistant Pro 2000 works with all Windows versions including Windows Vista. With Vista you need to run it as an "Administrator" the first time. After that it will run normally.

The HTML Assistant Pro 2000 installation file is approximately 5 megabytes long. With a high speed Internet connection, download time is less than 5 minutes. With a 28.8 baud modem, download time is about 20 minutes.

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We hope you enjoy creating Web pages with HTML Assistant Pro 2000.

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