Synthesizers + Computers = Cybermusic


About Howard Harawitz

Howard Harawitz has been finding ways to combine technology and art for many years. He began using electronic music synthesizers in the mid-1970s when he performed with theatre groups in the San Francisco Bay area. In the 1980s, after moving to Halifax, working with curator and artist Leighton Davis, he helped to set up a Creativity Lab at the St. Mary's University Art Gallery. He served as a technical advisor for the Lab and taught a class in the "Principles of Music Synthesis". In 1987 his electronic music was part of a contemporary art exhibit presented by the Gallery. In 2001 he established and led a series of Cybermusic Cafes at the Nova Scotia Community College. Currently he is actively composing electronic music and making multimedia art. He is usually up for participating in interesting projects in the Halifax area.

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